2talk Authorised Dealer

As a 2talk Authorised Dealer
telecommunication connections for telephone and Broadband can be arranged by Talk-it on behalf of 2Talk enabling a seamless transition for these services.


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UFB Fibre to the home, VDSL or ADSL connections

One stop shop for all your internet needs, full service provider for your home or business

  • Talk IT can manage the UFB connection, translate technical needs
  • Recommend and install VOIP services
  • Design and build home networking for media and telecommunications.
  • Take away all the hassle
  • Pull together wholesale providers into one bundle
  • Save you money compared to incumbent providers
  • Setup and manage your accounts ongoing
  • Be the intermediary to your provider
  • On-call technical support

Business solutions

  • Optional - added maintenance contract  for Cloud PBX
Who we are

Talk-it is an innovative,Unique
high quality Internet service development company,
specialising in VOIP, Internet solutions & management systems.