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telecommunication connections for telephone and Broadband can be arranged by Talk-it on behalf of 2Talk enabling a seamless transition for these services.


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Devices making the shift to IP and how to capitalise on this

In the commercial sector it is common for property owners to have multiple phone lines to carry the transmission (abbreviation: Tx) of multiple services simultaneously; ie Alarm, Eftpos, Fax and Phone.
By shifting these services to IP you can eliminate several phone lines from your telecommunications and in most cases, companies are dropping from 3 lines down to 1.

All you will require is:

  • 1 phone line
  • ADSL = IP
  • Eftpos over IP
  • Alarm over IP
  • FAX in and out over Email
  • Extra phone lines over IP
  • WiFi hotspot

WiFi Hotspot

By adding a WiFi hotspot into the business you increase customer satisfaction in todays ever increasing demand of mobile devices.

We install WiFi Hotspots with many key features and low maintenance.
Bandwidth managed so your data won’t blow out
Basic Login options with a customised and branded Login page



Ask your alarm monitoring company if they monitor over IP, some alarm monitoring providers are shifting to IP systems, it will require your alarm to be rewired and in some cases upgraded or replaced.

Naked DSL

A lot of ISP's are providing cheaper services supplying naked DSL (Internet without an analogue phone solution) most ISP's offer a phone solution using VOIP.

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