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Home Networking


Expanding the uses of the internet is the biggest growth of home networking today.


More devices are being built with internet capability, like Televisions. It is a growing demand to want online media available at your entertainment centre “the family room” becoming the center of communications for the home.


To have a good quality service for communications and media distribution around your home you need to start by thinking of your system like building blocks, if they are not put together right and in order you can have issues like  needles in a hay stack.


1st Building block is the internet; the internet is made up of several combined elements to create your connection.

  • The conduit for your service to be provided over, most common conduit is ADSL over copper lines.
  • The provider is called an ISP
  • Your Hardware used to terminate your internet connection (modem).


2nd Building block is your Network; technical term is LAN (local area network), connected into the LAN ports of your modem.

  • Ethernet cables can only reach 100 metres before quality deteriorates.
  • Wireless repeaters can reach up to 300 metres, 1 important negative aspect is the throughput is halved
  • Point to Point wireless links; hardware for home use, can reach many kilometres
  • Power-line adapters use your existing power wiring infrastructure.


3rd Building block is the structure of the network to make sure that multiple wireless devices won’t interfere with each other; interference (noise) will cause slowness and intermittent disconnections, to counter this issue you should map the locations of all your wireless devices and make sure that the channels are separated.


  • Cordless phones are common causes of WiFi interference, Visa versa WiFi can cause interference to cordless phones.
  • ADSL constantly drops: most common cause is a device dialing out and doesn’t have a filter connected IE Alarm, Sky decoder, medical alert.

Power Line Adapters

New homes today are being wired for this growth, but a lot are not. With power-line adapters you can put up to 5 repeaters/devices and expand your network over your house power infrastructure without rewiring.


Wireless Range extenders

If you can't use the Power-line adapter solution and need extend WiFi into a dead spot, use a purposely designed WiFi Range extender, many brands like TP-Link have good products to do the job.


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