2talk Authorised Dealer

As a 2talk Authorised Dealer
telecommunication connections for telephone and Broadband can be arranged by Talk-it on behalf of 2Talk enabling a seamless transition for these services.


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Technical Support

ONE CONTACT for all your providers
we are experts on VoIP, Cloud PBX and fibre connections

Imagine a scenario where you have:
  1. An internet connection from any ISP
  2. A phone connection from a national Telco provider
  3. Phones installed by a local LAN contractor or your in-house IT personnel.

All works well for some time and then your voice quality begins to degrade intermittently, who is to blame? Is it your LAN?  Is it your internet?  Or is it the VoIP Provider?  The answer is it doesn't matter because they will all point the finger at each other while you suffer.  Does this sound far fetched?  We come across these scenarios every day.

Talk-IT is a full service provider.  We can provide all three of those services and then guarantee and monitor them to make sure they work when you need them most.

Who we are

Talk-it is an innovative,Unique
high quality Internet service development company,
specialising in VOIP, Internet solutions & management systems.