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As a 2talk Authorised Dealer
telecommunication connections for telephone and Broadband can be arranged by Talk-it on behalf of 2Talk enabling a seamless transition for these services.


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Getting Started

The first thing to discuss is your existing infrastructure.

1: How many phone lines do you have
2: How many services do you need like eftpos, fax & alarm

In all cases we use a primary number for home and or business; we need to port this number to 2talk. Porting is a process that allows you to keep your advertised number and shift it to a preferred Telco provider and in this case to 2talk.

Once your primary Number is associated with your account at 2talk, next is to configure an IP phone or device with your phone number. Configuring is straightforward and can also get technical if you want to achieve technical solutions.

Build a basic home solution

There are 3 requirements for building a VoIP system.
1: Internet
2: Hardware
3: 2talk cloud PBX

To prepare the platform  you will require  a good internet connection and a good modem with QOS capability.

The telephone hardware varies depending on what you want to achieve, for example, if you want to keep using your existing analogue phone either cordless or corded, we would use an analogue telephone adapter (ATA) connected to your Modem, the ATA has 2 pots ports to connect your existing telephone.

Advanced higher quality phone hardware is also available depending on budget

The 2Talk cloud is where the smarts of your solution will be managed.

Monitor your calls and costs per call
Call-forward and Locate me
Voice mail, caller tunes upload feature

Build an Advanced business solution

You can build more advanced systems like replicating a private automatic branch exchange (PABX) without the cost of the pabx hardware

We offer a free consultation and audit of your telecommunications enabling you to list the cost and technical comparisons between a VOIP and an analogue solution to appreciate the difference.


Who we are

Talk-it is an innovative,Unique
high quality Internet service development company,
specialising in VOIP, Internet solutions & management systems.